Make Your First AdWords Search Campaign

You want to start advertising online to drum up awareness and sales for your company or brand. The logical place to go to for this would be Google AdWords; an extremely popular and successful online advertising platform. Here I will cover one of the most popular campaign types, search campaigns, and why you might choose to pursue this route.

Why choose a search campaign? It best serves those who want to capitalize on driving sales of a product or service when consumers are actively searching for it. Search campaigns display your ads based on the keywords you choose to bid on. Using highly relevant keywords can lead to ensuring sales from consumers who may be ready to make the purchase and just need to evaluate their options; you want to be one of those options.

To start building your search campaign, open up AdWords and click on the campaigns tab. In the next screen shown, click on the red +Campaign button. A drop-down menu will appear and you will be given choices about what campaign type to select; choose the search network only campaign. Make sure you use campaigns that are specific to related groups of products or services you are offering. Next you will want to name your campaign. The campaign name should be unique and descriptive of what is being advertised. Leave the type of campaign alone, but make sure that the standard option is clicked.

Next scroll down to the location options and choose where to show your ads. You will want to make sure that you only show your ads to audiences that can make use of your products or services. Choosing the United States would be good if you are selling a product nationwide. You could target a specific state, county, city, or even a radius around your business’s physical location.

After you choose where to advertise, you should choose what languages to advertise in. Make sure to choose languages your target market speaks. The next thing you’ll need to do is to determine your bidding strategy. You’ll want to choose manual cost-per-click (CPC) or enhanced cost-per-click bidding. This will ensure that your ads are displayed with driving sales in mind. You will need to set a daily bidding budget and a default bid amount. AdWords will use this amount to show ads up until you have reached your daily budget. When you are ready, save and continue on to the next step.

Now, you will begin creating your ad groups. Begin by entering the landing page. which is where a click on your ads will lead the consumer to. Next, give your ad group a descriptive name based on your offerings and the keywords you will use to show these offerings. You can use the keyword planner to decide what keywords to use; this is covered in another post. Finally, enter the keywords you plan to use in the keywords box. You can add more ad groups after you finish your first one. Use the same guidelines you used to create your first ad group for each new group you create.

Now it is time to design your ads. You will enter the URL your ad links to and the displayed path it will follow, headlines that should catch the interest of consumers yet still be relevant to your offering, and a longer description of that offering. You can create multiple ads per ad group. Once your ad(s) are done, you should click on review campaign to ensure that everything is set-up to your liking and then save and finish. Congratulations on starting your first AdWords Search campaign!

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