Making a Website Site Map

So, you want to make a site map for you or your business’s website? You have a couple of options to make this happen. You can use Microsoft Visio to generate a sitemap for you automatically. You can also make a rough site map using Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, the Adobe Suite, and of course a pencil sketch. Microsoft Visio to the best of my knowledge has most refined method for producing a site map. You need only use an automated process within the software itself. Click here for more information on how to generate a sitemap using Visio’s automatic process!

You can also make a rough sitemap using Microsoft Excel. To do this, just create boxes labeled with your website’s page names and lay them out in an hierarchical fashion, vertically or horizontally. Connect these boxes with arrows or lines of your choice, and if you are an over achiever you can even color code the boxes and lines to match with categories of content and/or pages within the website. Once you’ve decided on the necessary level of detail to attain for your sitemap, you are set. More information on designing in Excel can be found here!

You can also create a sitemap in Microsoft Visio or Paint using the same principles as the Excel sitemap. Visio is more functional for this sort of web design, it must be admitted. Both allow you create shapes, enter text within text boxes in those shapes, add lines or draw them manually, and color code if you so choose. I recommend that a separate document (Microsoft Word works well) with all of the website’s copy and media on it be created divided up by web page.

Once you’ve finalized what you want your website’s sitemap to look like and you’ve done the actual work creating the map, I recommend saving the finished piece as a .pdf file for easy legibility, as well as to block another person from making any unnecessary or potentially harmful changes to your document(s). It’s always better safe than sorry.

Hopefully this short guide helped you!

Samuel Curtis             🙂

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