Tips On Optimizing Your Ads for Mobile Consumers

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I’m back again, after a little hiatus. I think that it’s about time I offer some quick advice on making the most out of your AdWords account. So, I’m here today to talk about optimizing your ads for mobile viewers.

Mobile Ads are a blossoming opportunity to reach consumers in new ways. You can have shopping ads display your product at the top of the page in Apple’s Safari browser on Google. You can have video advertisements roll on YouTube videos, hopefully engaging customers who may never have had exposure to your brand, product line, or individual products before. More and more consumers engage in the mobile platform each year globally.

It becomes paramount to focus on making sure your ads are appropriate for the segments you want to reach. At first, it can seem a bit overwhelming for those who are new to designing mobile ads to try and fully optimize them, but it’s actually not too hard. First, you have to choose your target market. Never go into an ad campaign without a target or goal in mind. Then you should make a new ad campaign or ad group. A good tip for better dashboard organization in AdWords is to make separate campaigns or ad groups (your preference) for ads for desktop and mobile consumers. You’ll create the advertisements just like any other type of ads on AdWords based on the campaign type. For text ads, that means an engaging headline, display URL, and a description of what you are advertising.

After you have designed your ad campaign structure, the next thing you should do is to ensure that you’re using the right campaign types; it’s wise to go to the right place to reach mobile viewers. Try using the Display Network in addition to Search Ads to reach more people based on their interests. Use automated bidding to get the most out of your ads in a day across both networks.

Make sure that you have a mobile-friendly landing page if you’re going for a Click-Through-Rate; viewers tend to bounce away from un-optimized landing pages like they’re trampolines! Don’t be shy about trying web placements on key websites and apps where the traffic you generate can have an impact. Don’t forget to use the metrics on your ads’ performance to gauge how well you’re doing. Most importantly, relax! This is a job you can handle.

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